Sunday, 1 March 2015

Boiling Water

One of our sponsored boys had an accident yesterday, he was visiting his friends and he slipped onto a pan of boiling water. I was visiting near where he lives today and some of the other children came to tell me.

His burns are really bad - his Mum took him to the hospital yesterday and they dressed the burns, but they couldn't admit him as the hospital isn't taking admissions due to Ebola. A doctor had said he would visit them at home today to check on the burns, but up until 4pm he still hadn't arrived and the family can't get through to him on the phone.
I'll talk to his Mum tomorrow and if they still haven't been able to contact the doctor I'll take him to the children's hospital and try to get him admitted there.....I think the children's hospital has reopened.
I'm worried that if we can't get him admitted to hospital that the burns will become infected - as you can see gauze has been put over the burns but they will get dirty so easily. It's going to cause so much pain to get that gauze off!!

The majority of the burns are on his back, but he also has them on his heads, arms, and bottom.

Please pray that we will be able to get treatment for him, and also that he will heal and be relieved of the enormous pain he is in.



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