Thursday 14 January 2016

RIP Little One

I started writing this in December on the day that we lost Marwen, but I just couldn't write it and I've just found it in my draft posts folder........
(The photo here was taken two weeks before he died)

Early afternoon on 10th December 2015 our lovely boy Marwen passed away at home.

I went to see him at home to see how he was doing and desperately hoping that his Dad was over exaggerating how bad his condition had become.

His Dad wasn't exaggerating - Marwen was semi conscious, moaning in pain and his breathing was laboured. We talked about taking him to the hospital which was about a 15 minute drive away, but his Dad didn't want to move him. We tried to get a nurse or doctor to come to the house to give him some pain relief but that wasn't possible either.

I sat with the family all afternoon and at some point we realised that Marwen wasn't moaning anymore although his breathing was still laboured. He didn't wake up.......he never woke up again.
He slowly slipped away in our arms that afternoon.

I stayed with his tiny body while the family called 117 (the number that all deaths had to be reported to at that time) and made arrangements for his burial.

Less thank two hours after he died he was buried.

I'm heartbroken at the loss of this precious boy and I'm angry at the waste of a life that might possibly have been saved if treatment for him had been available here in Sierra Leone.