Friday 30 October 2015

Update on Marwen and his Poorly Eye

We took Marwan to the hospital as arranged and the doctor suspects it is cancer - he was sent for some scans and we are waiting for the doctor to review the scans and let us know what the next step is. During the few days waiting for the appointment the eye had got worse. He's been given some medication to make him a bit more comfortable.
He's such a sweet little boy - he's very quiet and hardly speaks, probably because he's in constant pain and discomfort with his eye.
We've had to take him back and forth to the hospital everyday this week, seeing the doctor, twice for scans and twice in the hope of getting the results, which are still not ready.......he's been so well behaved, hardly complaining except for when the pain gets too much.
He had chicken and chips for a treat and polished off the lot! There's nothing wrong with his appetite!
We appreciate all the prayers and positive thoughts being sent his way, please keep them coming. Also, a huge thank you to those who have sent donations towards his treatment.

Donations towards Marwan's treatment and care can be made either direct to the Transform Salone bank account or via our online giving pages here: Transform Salone's MyDonate Page or here: Transform Salone's Page

*please note, Transform Salone is not yet registered to collect gift aid, but will be able to retrospectively collect the gift aid on any qualifying donations that we receive once the registration process is complete.

Friday 23 October 2015

Poorly Eye

This little boy has a very poorly eye - it started with an itchy eye and slowly got worse, now it's in a really bad state. It's very painful for him and it's continually watering, he has no sight in the eye. His family tried to get him treatment for it but were unable to afford it.

His father heard that we sometimes help people who are unable to afford medical treatment so they sought us out.

We arranged for him to see a doctor this week and he's been referred to another doctor who will be seeing him on Monday.

Please pray for him, his name is Marwan, he's 3 years old and he's in a lot of pain and is also scared of the doctors.

We will be funding any treatment he needs from our medical fund - if you would like to make a donation towards his treatment please let me know.


I've Moved!

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