Monday 28 December 2009

Bob's Here!

The Christmas team left today - it was a really good team, and what made it even better was that my husband was part of the team! Bob is staying on for a while and we're looking forward to having our new year celebrations at No 2 River Beach.

I've not been too well for the past week or so - I think I can blame a dodgy burger that I had in a hotel restaurant. I've hardly been able to keep anything down since last Tuesday! This afternoon I was really bad, but I seem to be over the worst of it now and at the moment I'm feeling much better.

Work is coming along at the site and the team worked really hard making blocks on site.

We had a lovely Christmas day with the team first of all at King George then later at International Dove

Thursday 10 December 2009

RIP Kiwi

Bob called early this morning to tell me that my cat Kiwi has died. He was up late last night and she seemed ok when he went to bed, but when he got up at 05:30 she wasn't waiting for him in her usual place, so he called for her and when she didn't come running like she usually does he went looking and he found her dead by her bed. I've had her 11 years and I feel so sad that I won't see her again for another cuddle.

All is going well here in Freetown - we've been preparing for the next team and are going to take a couple of days out. Jill is going to the beach in Sussex and I'm going to visit an orphanage in the provinces.

I'm especially excited about the next team as Bob (my husband) will be one of the team members, it'll be his first time in Sierra Leone and I'm so looking forward to him finally coming here.