Wednesday 22 October 2014

I'm Going Back

The title says it all really, I'm going back to Sierra Leone in a few days.

Bob and I have talked and prayed endlessly about it and decided that it's the right thing for me to do.

Gambia Bird being unable to resume their direct flights put a bit of a spanner in the works, but it didn't put me off for long and I managed to find an alternative route.

I'll be doing a lot of work with the sponsored students and their families, ensuring they know the facts about Ebola and how to best protect themselves from risk as well as putting everything in place for the students so they can restart their schooling as soon as the schools reopen. I'll be meeting with educators about how they are going to manage the curriculum when the schools reopen.

Distributing rice to the blind and their families
We have had such a great response to the rice appeal and we are continuing with that. Many many families and households have already benefitted from rice we have been able to provide with the generous donations we have received and we hope to be able to continue with that and expand it to include even more people in need of help. Last week we distributed rice to 40 blind beggars and their families.

Donations for rice can be made using the donation button at the top of this page, any amount is very much appreciated.

I feel that my setup in Sierra Leone is such that I will be at very low risk of coming into contact with Ebola. I live in a secure compound and anyone entering or leaving goes though the chlorine wash, I will also be taking the temperature of all visitors.  I have my own vehicle so will not be using public transport. At my office everyone entering has to go through the chlorine wash and have their temperature taken.
I won't be visiting any hospitals or ebola centres.

I'm looking forward to going back,  it's been very difficult for me to be away when so many people that I care about are suffering.

** A note about the photo, the two finger salute a couple of the kids are doing doesn't mean the same in Sierra Leone as it does in the's not a rude gesture there!!


  1. Alison

    Great news - please keep your blog updated - we will pray for you and all those in Sierra Leone

  2. Thank you, I will keep the updates coming!