Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Please Make it Stop

Well, my joy at hearing that Gambia Bird were resuming direct flights between the UK and Sierra Leone was short-lived - their license to fly the route was revoked by the UK Department for Transport before they even had a chance to get started. I'm so disappointed with the decision.

The media coverage of Ebola continues to be relentless and typically sensationalist.......I've started to avoid the news as much as possible.

The reaction that I've had from people since I returned to the UK has been mixed, some people have treated me with suspicion - as if they might get infected with Ebola just by talking to me........other have been wonderfully supportive.

There are still a large number of new cases of people being confirmed with Ebola in Sierra Leone each day, the number of new confirmed cases so far for October is 1082 and still rising.

I'm praying for the day that Ebola will be under control and the country can start to recover.

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