Tuesday 3 March 2009

Getting Organised / News from SL

With only 12 days to go until I fly out to Sierra Leone most of my time is taken up getting organised for the trip. I think I am almost on top of everything now.....except that I still have some shopping to do for clothes for me and first aid for kit we use for the teams.

What with my own stuff that I'm taking, and the things I have to take over for the teams, and bits and pieces that friends have asked me to take over for people they know over there.....I'm getting very close to my 40kg baggage allowance!! I think I'll have to enlist Bob to help me with my packing as I tend to get quite stressed about it!

The Weightwatchers free trial went well - I lost half a stone! I'm still on the chunky side, but very pleased to have lost some of it. I should be able to lose a couple more pounds before I go. The online version of Weightwatchers is really easy to use and it was easy to stick to and lose weight with.......if I were staying in the UK (and if I had a paid job!) I'd probably have kept up the subsciption and become a paying member.

Recent News from Sierra Leone

I have recently heard from the EASL (Epilepsy Association for Sierra Leone) who told me that Ramatu is slowly getting stronger, but she is still unable to stand unaided. Her mother is starting to take some responsibility for her and is trying to earn money for food for Ramatu. As soon as I have the opportunity I will go to visit her so I can see for myself how she is doing. I'm praying that there will be an improvement on her condition from when I saw her in December.

Abu's school uniforms were ruined....completely unreapairable, so he's having 2 new uniforms made for him. There is a chance that he might be able to go to live with the teacer who looks out for him.......where he's living at the moment there isn't enough room for him and the people he lives with don't want him. When I get over there the teacher will show me where he intends for Abu to live and if it's suitable we'll get that arranged as quickly as possible - if it works out I think this will be for the best for Abu.

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