Friday 30 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

I know I'm a bit late, but Happy New Year everyone!
For various reasons 2014 was a difficult year for me and I'm not sad to see that back of it.
I apologise for the recent lack of posts - I've not had an easy few weeks. While I had a lovely Christmas and New Year with my husband, I also struggled a lot knowing that my Sierra Leone family are having a hard time, what with Ebola, rising food prices, restrictions on movement etc. It's hard to celebrate when people I love are suffering.
I've got a couple more weeks in the UK before heading back over to Freetown. We are going to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary with a champagne weekend in London and I will travel to Sierra Leone shortly after that.
Good news! There are plans for the schools in Sierra Leone to reopen by the 2nd week in March - so I will have a busy few weeks putting everything in place for our sponsored students so they can restart their schooling as soon as the schools reopen.
It seems that Ebola peaked when I was there in November, when the daily statistics were reporting around 100 cases each day - now were are  seeing much lower rates of infection being reported, some days single figures!!
We are continuing to provide rice for families and the blind beggars so if you feel that is something you can help with please get in touch with me by email or you can use the 'donate' button at the top of this blog to make a donation.
Here's to a fantastic 2015!!!