Friday 29 March 2013

New Toilets for Nehemiah

We have a team of 11 arriving on Sunday who will be building new toilets for the Nehemiah Project in Kissy. Nehemiah is a boarding home for boys, they also have a nursery school, primary school and junior secdondary well as a new vocational center that is currently being built.
We intend to build VIP (ventilation improved pit) toilets for them.
Here's a photo of the toilets they are using at the moment:

King George VI Update

The residents of the King George VI home have been in their new location at Grafton (right next door to our City of Rest site) for some time now.
Sadly quite a few residents that Mission Direct volunteers will remember from the days that they were in Kissy have passed away over the last year or so.
Mrs Edwards, a lady with very bad eyesight who used to be in one of the beds at the far end of the womens ward passed away last week (below bottom left)
Other residents who have also gone to be with the Lord include:
  • Kadi - the friendly youngish woman who used to often sit outside the womens ward
  • Fatmata - she had the bed just inside the door of the womens ward and a very strong grip when she held your hand (below top left)
  • Mr Roberts - the blind man who played the harmonica and sometimes came with Mr Charles to talk to the teams
  • Mr Paul - the old soldier
  • Onekai - the deaf lady who often sat on the wall opposite the team house (below top right)
  • Mariama - the small lady with gray hair who used to enjoy singing and talking to the children (below bottom right)