Thursday, 30 October 2014

I Made It

I made it back to Sierra Leone last night! I took a round about way of getting here, changing planes in Belgium then landing in Senegal and Guinea before finally getting to Sierra Leone. ....but I got here in the end!!

On arrival I had to wash my hands in chlorine solution, fill in a questionnaire about where I've been and who I've had contact with for the past two months and then have my temperature taken.... but it was all handled professionally and went smoothly.

About an hour after I landed a massive storm hit.....I'm glad it waited until I was on the ground!! The good thing about the rain is it has topped up the water tanks in the compound., so there should be plenty of washing water now. I was also blessed electricity all through the night til the early hours of this morning.

I decided to take it easy for my first day back in the country, so I spent this morning unpacking , then drove up to Bureh Beach this afternoon to take the car for a run and catch up with a few people there. I had a lovely chat with a young man who used to be in our education sponsorship program and is now working at the surf club........unfortunately there are very few customers at the moment,  we were the only visitors to the beach today.

I spent a while relaxing and watching the surfing then after watching the sunset and trying out my new camera I made my way home. 

About 30 minutes after I got in another huge storm hit and its still raging. Unfortunately I have no electricity tonight. I managed to get everything (phones, camera, dongle, tablet) partially charged from the car battery I use when I have no national power before that ran out of juice about an hour ago. If I don't get any national power tomorrow I'll have to pay a visit to the Hotel 5/10 and 'borrow' some of their electricity.
I heard the reason for no power is someone in the neighbourhood got electrocuted today trying to fix a fault in the area (may they rest in peace).

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