Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Luscious Locks

I promise that this isn't an advertisement and I'm not getting paid to say this!!

I wanted to recommend Lush solid shampoos and conditioners to my friends who travel (and those who don't too!!)
I first tried them a couple of years ago after spotting them in a Lush shop while out shopping - I thought they sounded like a good idea. Decent shampoos are expensive here in Sierra Leone and to take enough with me to last a few months takes up a lot of my baggage allowance - and when a bottle splits in the suitcase it makes an awful mess!!

So I bought a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar and a couple of the nice little tins to keep them in.

Wow! I was impressed - the shampoo lathers up really well and leaves my hair feeling really clean. The conditioner has rosemary in it, among other things, and leaves my hair soft, easy to brush and smelling really nice. The conditioner can either be rinsed out, or left in the hair - it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy if I leave it in
A shampoo bar lasted me around three months when I had long hair - I guess it will last even longer now my hair is short. A conditioner bar lasts around two months.

So far I've tried Ultimate Shine, Squeaky Green, Godiva, and the most recent one I've got is Jason and the Argan Oil. Most of the shampoos smell lovely - except the Soak and Float one that is for flaky, itchy's a bit whiffy, but I've not tried it.

They are really handy for travelling, they can be carried in hand luggage, no spillage, lightweight and take up hardly any room.
I can't recommend them enough - have a look on

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