Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dr Koroma - Appeal for Assistance

Our wonderful Dr Koroma of the Adventist Hospital at Waterloo has been accepted to study for a diploma in Reproductive Health in Developing Countries at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK.

Dr Koroma is appealing for help with the tuition fees and travel costs.

If anyone feels they are able to help Dr Koroma financially with this please let me know and I will put you in direct contact with the Doctor. If you want more information about the costs involved please contact me and I'll provide the breakdown of what is needed. He is hoping to be able to take up the offer later this year.

If Doctor Koroma is able to attend this diploma programme it will be a huge benefit to the hospital and the community he works in.

Once the Ebola crisis is over there are plans that the new building at the hospital will be utilised as a maternity ward, the knowledge that Dr Koroma would gain in the programme would be invaluable to saving the lives of many women and their babies.

Already many pregnant women chose to go to Dr Koroma rather than the nearby maternity hospital because his reputation is so good.

Please, if you are able, consider supporting the Doctor so that he may take up the offer to study at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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