Wednesday, 4 March 2015

There's A Man In My Boot!

So, a funny thing happened to me on the way home from the office,
I stopped off at Shell Junction to pick up a couple of bundles of water, the sellers seemed even more desperate than usual crowding around the car, vying for attention, trying to be the one I chose to buy water from.
I bought from the first person to approach the car and as he was loading the water into the car one of the other vendors jumped into the boot of my car and said he wasn't getting out unless I bought water from him too.......well this was a selling approach I'd not come across before!!
I was a bit shocked and bemused at first, then I saw the funny side of it - luckily by the time I finished laughing my unwanted passenger decided it was time to move along and hopped out and wandered off in search of another customer!!
I'm still chuckling about it now......and still can't quite believe the cheek of the man - he sat there peering at me between the headrests as if he had every right to be there!!

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