Thursday, 12 March 2015

Update - Boiling Water

I called in to see Alhaji, the boy who fell in boiling water yesterday. A local doctor has been coming regularly to change his dressings, so the family decided against taking him across town to the hospital to try to get him admitted there.
The burns are looking so much better than I expected and the boy himself is in much better spirits and doesn't seem to be in so much pain - although his mum told me he screams the house down when the doctor changes his dressings and he even tried to run away when he saw the doctor coming yesterday!!
Alhaji was able to sit with us while I chatted with his parents and he's able to move around much more than he could a week ago. He even walked me part of the way back to my car when I left!
Honestly, I'm amazed at how well it is healing - thank  you so much for all the prayers for this young man and please keep them coming!
He needs some more medicine - his Mum is going to get the list from the doctor for me tomorrow so I can get what he needs. I'll be seeing him again once I have the medicine he needs and will continue to check on him every couple of days.

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