Thursday, 26 March 2015

This and That

This last fortnight has been a funny couple of weeks - schools are supposed to be opening in a few weeks, but many parents don't want their children to go to school until there is no more Ebola......and for the ones that are going back we are waiting on the schools to start enrolments and publish their book lists. I've been checking with the schools every couple of days, because I'm at the point now that I can't do anything else on the sponsorship side of things until we know for sure when the schools will reopen.

The main topic of conversation here at the moment is the Vice President first being expelled from leading party, then going into hiding and requesting asylum from the US Embassy, then being sacked! Who knows where that's going to take us!! There is quite a lot of upset about it all, I just hope and pray that however it is resolved that it will be done peacefully.

A young man that I've been helping for a few years with his schooling is working on a burial team - to say I'm worried about him would be an understatement. Not only is there the danger associated with the job, but he's also being shunned by friends who won't go near him since they found out about his job. Ah, I feel for him. It's such a brave move for someone so young. I an praying that he will remain safe from the virus.

The new Ebola case numbers are still fluctuating daily, it's definitely a lot better than it was in November/December, but it is not over yet. I have seen two burial teams in the last few days collecting corpses - it's such a shocking, scary thing to see.
Sierra Leone is to be locked down for 3 days from 27th March, with everyone staying at home. Teams will visit each household in an effort to identify any unreported Ebola cases.
I've stocked up on groceries - Aunty won't be coming during the lockdown so I'll be cooking for myself. The shelves were quite bare by the time I got to the supermarket, but I got some basics......definitely enough to see me through to the end of the lockdown. I swapped my empty cooking gas cylinder for a full one, got plenty of phone credit and topped up on drinking water - I'm all set!!

I'm getting the spare rooms ready in the hope that friends will visit later in year......once we've seen the back of Ebola. When I rented the compound I had at least seven people who were planning to visit, who understandably had to cancel. I fully understand that people are unable to come at the moment, and I think that's sensible......but it has left me with a slight worry about how I'm going to cover the rent when it is due in August. I know that God will provide, but sometimes......when I think too much it does worry me. I have at least four friends who I know will visit as soon as they are able, so I'm getting their rooms ready.
I had a nice catch up with Mr Sullay, my former driver - he doesn't change and he always makes me laugh! We've spent so much time together over the last few years that we know each other so well and have grown to be good friends. We had a wonderful time catching up as, although we often talk on the phone, we'd not met up for a few months. One big worry he has at the moment is that he's not working - something that will hopefully change in the near future.
If you feel able here are a few thing I'd appreciate prayer for:
  • People will cooperate with the lockdown and it may signal the beginning of the end of Ebola
  • The schools will reopen only when the time is right in a way that is safe for the students
  • The country will remain stable and peaceful as political issues are dealt with
  • My worries about the rent for the compound my be eased
  • My young friend on the burial team and all those doing this dangerous job - that they will stay safe and not be shunned
  • That Mr Sullay will find a job so he can provide for his family

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