Saturday, 28 February 2015


I first met Melrose and the Mahanaim Home for disabled children in 2009 when I took Ramatu to live there. Sadly Ramatu passed away last year, but I stay in touch with the home and visit as often as I can.
Melrose joined with a UK charity with the intention that a new home would be built to move the children to and Melrose would move with them to be house mother. Unfortunately the relationship fell apart and when most of the children were moved to the new home about eighteen months ago Melrose decided to stay put and carry on running the home in Grafton.
The home currently has 17 children with various challenges such as polio, epilepsy, deaf-mute, learning difficulties.........Melrose herself has polio and is confined to a wheelchair.
The visit was challenging as the children love to hold hands and cuddle, and they know nothing of Ebola or avoiding body contact. As soon as I walked in the door Tamba came rushing over and before I could stop him he'd attached himself to my legs!!
Melrose told me that she is not getting any assistance from the government or other organisations.
Apart from their long term conditions the children are well, except for baby John who has malaria and craw-craw (sores on his skin).

Melrose with Baby John and Little Melrose

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