Friday, 27 February 2015

Lifeline Nehemiah Project

I was really happy to catch up with the wonderful people at the Lifeline Nehemiah Project in Kissy this week.

Wow, they have been busy the last few months!! Here are just some of the things they have been doing:
  • Along with Medair they have built and are running a 20 bed Ebola treatment centre
  • They have built an extension to their boys home to take in Ebola orphans
  • They have been providing care packages to quarantined homes
  • They've been sending people out to educate and sensitise people to Ebola.

The work they have been doing is seriously impressive, and it's inspiring to see the way they work together for the good of the Nehemiah family, the good of their local community and the good of their country.

I got to meet some of the Ebola orphans they are taking care of and it was lovely to see them so relaxed,  playing ball and having fun - they are obviously well cared for..
This is the extension to the home that will allow them to accommodate even more children:

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