Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ebola Fatigue?

People's attitude to Ebola has changed here in the past couple of months........I think that most people are just thoroughly fedup with it and the changes it has caused.
I've noticed that the people I spend time with aren't nearly so careful about avoiding body contact as they were the last time I saw them.
People aren't talking about Ebola now they way they were - before it cropped into most conversations, now if it's mentioned its mostly to say that it will be gone soon. Instead of talking about Ebola, now people are talking about the investigation into the suspected misuse of donations made to the government to help with the fight against Ebola.
I do think it's a good thing that Ebola isn't completely dominating the lives of people here in the way that it was at the end of last year.......the strain of living under the threat of such an awful virus takes it's toll - I know that and I had the luxury of being able to come and go.........imagine how much worse it is for the people who don't have that option - who had to stay here no matter how bad it got..
Someone told me that Ebola has been beaten, but the authorities are pretending that it hasn't so that people will keep sending money in.........dangerous talk, I really hope it's a very small minority of people that believe this.
I'm worried that people are becoming too complacent about it - the situation is much better, but it's far from over yet.
Today I heard that St George Foundation, one of the first projects that I worked on in Sierra Leone, has been quarantined after a staff member tested positive for the Ebola virus........proof, if any is needed, that the fight isn't over yet.

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