Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hosetta Abdullah Special Needs School

I visited the Hosetta Abdullah Special Needs School in Thunder Hill in Kissy this week - it had been a few months since my last visit and I just wanted to see how they are all doing.
I had a really good catch up with the Headmistress Mrs Kamanda and got to hear how all the students and staff are getting on.
Mrs Kamanda has kindly said that I can either share her office or borrow a room to use as an office until I find myself a suitable office space - so I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time there!

With the Headmistress Mrs Kamanda

Mrs Kamanda has moved into a house on site and is taking care of a number of children including the two lads pictured below.

The boy on the left is John, who I first met way back in 2008 when one of our volunteers from Texas made a strong bond with him which eventually led to us getting to know the Hosetta Abdullah school and enrolling John there. He was bought up by his Grandmother, but when she died John went to live with Mrs K.

Sadly they have lost two of their students in recent months. This is Kadi-Kadi, she had been living with Mrs Kamanda but went on holiday to family in the provinces and sadly passed away while there. Mrs Kamanda believes that she was infected with the Ebola virus. Mrs K kindly gave me this photo of me with Kadi-Kadi.

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