Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Help 'M'?

I've ummed and ahhed long and hard about whether I should post this.........I know it's an upsetting photo, I feel ill everytime I look at it and think of 'M' in that situation. Who knows, by posting this a solution might be found to get her out of the situation she is in.
This is 'M' and the photo shows how she is living at the moment. She is in a children's home, she is kept in a shed separate from the other children. She people whose care she is in told me that she has to be kept separate from the other children because she removes her clothes, plays with and eats her excrement and bites the other children.
The room she is in is almost completely dark, this photo was taken using the flash. The smell is overwhelming. It's raining season at the moment and can get quite chilly. There are some clothes on the floor in the room but they are soaked. This is where she eats, she lives, she sleeps.
She resists being washed and clothed.
She came to the home about two years ago after being hit by a car and both her legs were broken - she was hospitalised after the accident and then hospital sent her to the home when no family could be located, it's believed she was living on the streets before the accident. At first she lived in the main house, but when the home could no longer afford a dedicated carer for her she was moved to the shed because he behaviour was affecting the other children.

I don't know if she can talk, she looked up when I spoke to her but she didn't make any attempt to communicate.

I don't know how to help her, I have requested a meeting with a children's home that takes disabled children in the hope that they may consider taking her......if they refuse I can't think of any other homes that would take her. Another option might be to employ a dedicated carer to look after her, keep her clean and clothed and hopefully build up enough trust to reintegrate her into the home - I'm going to discuss this with the home. I just don't know - but I do know that no-one should be living the way she is right now.

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