Friday, 25 September 2015

A Troubled Soul

I'm worried about a young man I know, he's had a very hard life up til now and I can't imagine what the future holds for him.

He ran away from home when he was aroud 7 years old and ended up at the ferry port where he carried peoples bags to earn some money. He would sleep on empty market stalls or in cars. He supplemented the money he earned carrying bags by pick pocketing on the ferry.

I first met him about seven years ago in 2008 - when he was probably around 12 years old. It's hard to tell his age as until the last couple of years he was always quite small and his mother can't remember when he was born.

I would always see him when I went to the airport to drop off or meet teams and I liked him. He was good company and we would chat while I was waiting for the ferry. I offered to help him get back into school and he seemed keen, but then he just disappeared.........his friends when I saw them were always full of his escapades, but I didn't see him again for a couple of years until..... day in 2011 I was walking through Kroo Bay when I heard someone call my name - it was my young friend. He had a big open wound on his head, one arm was swollen, bent and obviously broken - the other arm was attached to a police man. He was obviously in some kind of trouble, but was being taken for medical treatment. It was a very rushed meeting as the policeman wasn't much in the mood for chatting, but I told the boy I'd try to find him.

It took me a few weeks but I found out that he was being held at DEMS the children's prison. I got a lawyer for him and when the case went to court (he was accused of stealing a phone) it was dismissed.

I got to know the boy better and learned more about his past. He agreed to go to live at the Nehemiah boys home....but was only there a couple of months before he ran away.

He's had numerous small police cases over the years, then a couple of years ago he was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy (handling stolen goods). He was taken to the adult prison at Port Loco where he spent 8 months as a remand prisoner. When the case eventually went to court it was dismissed.

I visited him a few times while he was in prison, he was quite ill while he was there, I was hopeful the shock of adult prison would be enough for him to turn over a new leaf when he was released but he still keeps getting into trouble.

Twice this year he has spent time in the cells, once for fighting and once accused of theft.
Just this week he borrowed a friends motorbike and had an accident, luckily he's not badly injured but unfortunately he doesn't have a driving license so he's wanted by the police again now.

Aside from all the trouble he's been in he has a wonderful heart - he is so good with disabled children and not afraid of them the way that so many people are - he talks to them, plays with them and comforts them if they are sick. He's respectful to older people and he's fiercely protective of me. I see such promise in him, and it makes me so sad that other people just see him as a wannabe gangster and a troublemaker, when I know he can be so much more.

He's told me he wants to join the army - so I will look into that for him. I am out of other options for him for now and I really don't know the best way to help him. I do know that unless there is a change in his life he will end up either back in prison again or dead.


  1. Alison, Bless you for seeing with His eyes, reaching out with His care, carrying this young man on in your heart ...
    Really, it's how we all are/were, isn't it? Constantly messing up: needing someone to show us His Love, responding to it but afraid to trust, trying to do it on our own 'cause we don't want anyone to tell us what to do as we are sure they can't understand, then feeling our worthless in everyone's eyes and our own when we fail again. Simply in Need of Redemption: all of us!
    Who shall deliver us from this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Rom7:24,25) the mercy we have& the message we have to share...
    There's no one who isn't redeemable through LOVE but it's a choice we each have to make to reach out for a changed heart or not... And a hand that is reached out in a caring, operative Faith can make a huge difference: bless you as you do that in your ministry there!! Thanks for sharing the opportunity for prayer. Christine
    (Did the movie, Do You Believe? show in Europe or are you familiar with it? I just happened on it last night & it had a good message in an interesting format for us that need to care enough to live/share our belief in Jesus, as well as those that so need to have Him. I'll bring you a copy if you like to use things like that in your work... C)

  2. C, thank's so hard to see him keep getting in trouble, and he's such a good natured kind young man (when he's with me anyway). He has so many good qualities but because he's been in trouble so much people don't see his good side and just write him off as a trouble maker. I pray that he will be saved.

    I've not heard of that film - I would love a copy if you are able to bring one. Thank you. A xx