Saturday, 19 September 2015

Flooding in Freetown

If we are in the same social media groups you'll have seen a lot of posts over the past a couple of days about the flooding in Freetown that happened two days ago.
For me it started as an ordinary day, it had rained through the night and was still raining when I got up in the morning. I usually work from home in the mornings then head up to the school where I use a classroom as an office in the afternoons. About the time I was getting ready to go up to the school it dawned on me that it was STILL raining. I had a meeting at 3pm with some teachers from Waterloo so I sent them a quick message to see if they would be able to make it - when I didn't hear anything back I decided I'd better get up to the school to wait for them. When I got up to the main road it was like a river, but just passable - I made it up to the school without too many problems. The rain finally stopped about 4.30pm, and shortly after that some of my kids started arriving - a couple of them had had to help bail their homes out during the day and they'd suffered a lot of damage to their belongings. They started showing my photos of the flooding around Freetown - goodness what devastation and loss. The teachers from Waterloo eventually messaged me at quarter past 6 to say they weren't coming, but I'd kind of realised that by then!!!
My area escaped the worst of the flooding, but in some areas many, many homes were destroyed and people lost their lives. I was sent some terrible photos of some of the bodies that were recovered - I can't unsee them, I wish I could.
There was a press release from State House requesting that people stay indoors yesterday - but from what I observed very few did.
I woke this morning to rain again, which carried on until noon - then early evening it started there is a massive storm raging and has been for about 4 hours so far. Praying, praying, praying that there will be no more flooding........people have suffered enough.
Another concern is that cholera will follow.........surely this country has suffered enough..........

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