Sunday, 13 September 2015

An Update on M

I was finally able to return to see M - what with car problems and getting stuck in the provinces for almost a week events have been conspiring against me!
As I pulled up to the place where she is staying I was surprised to see her sitting on the veranda with some of the other children in the home. She was washed and dressed (kind of) - at least she wasn't naked. I don't know if it was people seeing my reaction to how she was living that prompted them to make a change, or something else.....but I'm so pleased that things have started to improve for her. I wasn't expected so this was not a show put on for my behalf.
When I spoke to her she looked up and smiled - but she doesn't speak. We don't know if she was like this before she was hit in the road accident or if she was brain damaged in the accident.
Someone is coming in to wash and dress her each day and she is no longer sleeping in the shed - she is sleeping in the main house with the other children. They are putting pampers on her because she messes herself and then plays with the mess.
I took some gloves and soap with me to be used when washing her. As time goes on and for the care to continue she will need a supply of pampers, more gloves and soap. The home have also asked for help with some money to pay the young lady who is coming in to wash and change her.
It's not a perfect situation, but much better than last time I was there - I will be calling in next week to check on her again.

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