Saturday, 29 August 2015

Expecting Company!!

I'm so excited that one of our sponsors has booked a flight and will be joining me in November to help with the sponsorship scheme and spend some time with the children she sponsors!!
I had quite a few friends and supporters who had planned to visit over the past year to help out over here in Sierra Leone, unfortunately because of Ebola they weren't able to come.

Also, two other lovely people are planning to come in November too!!
At the moment there are no known cases of Ebola remaining in Sierra Leone. The countdown to being declared Ebola free is well and truly underway.
If anyone else would be interested in coming and lending a hand at any time contact me (click here to email) and we can discuss what you would be doing and possible dates, costs etc.

There is always plenty of work to do on the sponsorship scheme, also helping our students with their English, or helping out at one of our partners here in Sierra Leone - there are lots of possibilities! If you sponsor a student you'd be able to spend time with them and meet their families.
As well as working we can go and spend the night at one of Sierra Leone's wonderful beaches, watch the sunset over the sea, spend the evening putting the world to rights around a campfire and then wake in the morning to the sound of the sea.

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