Sunday, 24 August 2014

Suspected Cases and a Note of Thanks

Last night I received this message and photo from the Doctor at the Adventist Hospital in Waterloo, he asked me to share it with the people that have so generously donated through us to help the hospital with their preparations for Ebola cases
The photo is of further supplies they have purchased for the fight against Ebola including a spraying machine, chlorine and gloves.

Dear friends from the UK & Canada,
I would like to render my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous donations to our hospital on behalf of the general staff especially my medical staffs. We would like to assure you that we are very grateful to your timely gesture in this time of the Ebola crisis. Here are some of the items we bought. I will send the complete list later

The donations certainly came at the right time - I heard this morning that the hospital have received three suspected Ebola cases. The cases have been transferred to an isolation centre and the whole hospital has been disinfected. The spraying machine (shown boxed in the photo above and in use in the photo below) was purchased just two days ago with the donations we delivered to the hospital just 4 days ago - imagine how hard and hazardous it would have been for them to disinfect the hospital without it.

Photo from J Fobbie
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated for the Hospital at Waterloo.
I have been admitted to this hospital twice and it is where I always go for any treatment I need. Last year I had the privilege of watching the Doctor perform an emergency appendectomy. Over many years I have seen the care and respect that the doctor and staff give their patients - the work they do is amazing even though the conditions they work in are not easy.
I  have total respect for Doctor Koroma and the staff at the hospital.

Please remember Dr Koroma and his staff and patients in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. I, too, have the greatest respect for Dr Koroma & the staff at the Waterloo hospital. My heart is with them as they prepare for their part in this terrible Ebola crisis.
    I have such fond memories of singing hymns with Dr David as my cousin & I assisted with a couple of appys and hernia repairs during our short volunteer time there a couple of years back... (our patients seemed to like it, too... :D)
    I can hardly bear the thoughts of my dearly beloved Sierra Leone being torn apart by this crisis... May we each share all we are called upon to give & do to serve even as though it was the crisis of our own neighborhoods... Thank you, Alison, for sharing these updates...
    To every one of the dear friends there- please be strong & wise, staying safe in the face of what you are called upon to do.
    My love & prayers are with you! Christine Gish