Monday, 25 August 2014

More About The Hospital Quarantine

I have some more information about the closure and quarantine of the SDA Hospital at Waterloo.
I have spoken to Doctor Koroma and he told me that the government medical team supported by police and military have closed the hospital and are quarantining all hospital staff who were on duty while the Ebola patient was admitted there.

The staff will be quarantined at the hospital, they will not be allowed to leave the hospital until the end of the quarantine period, which is 21 days from when the patient was transferred to the isolation centre. Some food and supplies have been provided.

The Doctor is trying to reason with the government medical team that only those who had contact with the patient need to be quarantined, but at the moment they are insisting that everyone will be quarantined.

It sounds to be a very frightening time for all the staff - the hospital has been surrounded by police and military.
These are the doors to the isolation room that was prepared for suspected Ebola cases - the room that we'd prayed and prayed wouldn't be needed........

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