Sunday, 3 August 2014

First Day Back

I arrived back in Sierra Leone last night. The flight was the quietest I’ve ever been on with probably less than 40 passengers and some of them were carrying onto Liberia. The first change was obvious as soon as we got off the plane, we had to wash our hands in a chlorine solution and have our temperature taken, most airport staff were wearing gloves and some were wearing masks and suits.
The next big change is that people aren’t touching – no shaking hands, no hugging…..that is taking some getting used to, but it is good to know that most people are taking this thing seriously…….although I have spoken to a couple of people who think there is no such thing as Ebola, fortunately these are in the minority
I took some gloves to Dr Koroma at Waterloo Hospital today, a couple of days ago the Doctor emailed me to let me know they had run out of gloves at the hospital…..can you imagine trying to prepare a hospital for the possibility of Ebola with no gloves? I had bought a fair few with me so took some up to the hospital this afternoon, hopefully enough to keep the doctor going until he can buy some.
Thank you so much to everyone who has made a donation for the Waterloo Hospital as it prepares for Ebola. I took the first donations to the hospital today….. these will be used to buy gloves, disinfectants, drugs, IV’s etc. The doctor was going out straight away to try to source some gloves.
The hospital has prepared a room to be used as an isolation room if they receive any suspected Ebola cases… thanks to the generous donations we’ve received they can also purchase the items necessary to keep their staff safe and take care of the patients.
There are more donations pledged and still more needed – if you would like to make a donation please let me know.

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