Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hospital Supplies

I recently made an appeal on this blog on behalf of Dr Koroma for donations so that the Waterloo SDA hospital could make preparations in case of suspected Ebola patients. Thank you to the many people that have sent in donations for the hospital
The doctor has asked me to share a couple of photos that show the first lot of purchases made with the donations received so far.
The Doctor and the hospital are very thankful for the donations that have allowed them to begin to make the necessary preparations.
In the last couple of week prices in Sierra Leone have increased - even basic commodities cost more than before. The cost of items like gloves, chlorine, disinfectants and hand sanitizers have risen dramatically.
We are still collecting donations for the hospital as they prepare the hospital in case of Ebola patients - if you would like to make a donation please contact me either on facebook or email 

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