Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Short Update - Ebola at Waterloo

Dr Koroma sent a short update with the news that we've been dreading, one hospital staff member has tested positive for Ebola and two other suspected cases are awaiting results.

I was so sad to drive by the hospital yesterday and not be able to pop in as I usually do and say hello, to know my friends were in there and there was nothing I could do. From the road I could see the military personnel who are ensuring thst no one leaves the hospital.

Here's the Doctor's note:

Dear friends in the UK & Canada
The Ebola has hit the Adventist hospital, we have got so far 3 suspected cases and one has proved positive two are awaiting results, and the whole hospital has been quarantine including the 40 staffs, so we are all in the hospital. Your donations has been used to buy preventive wears and disinfectants, we are now faced with the challenge of food and other necessary condiments for our staying here. We need your prayers and supports.
Thank you
Dr. David J. Koroma.

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