Tuesday, 9 September 2014

On The Ground

On the Ground - isn't that a strange saying? People ask me how are things on the ground and I see news articles from reporters on the ground.......it strikes me as a strange phrase......anyway.....I was lost for a title to this post and thought it would do the job.
The appeal for rice to help families through the lockdown is going well - so far I've been able to purchase and deliver 24 bags of rice with the money donated! So many families are being blessed by the rice being purchased with these donations and it will help them so much during this difficult time. Many people here live day to day......the money they earn in a day is used to buy food for the next day, there just isn't any spare to be able to save or stock up. I will continue to collect donations for rice until the crisis here is over.
I had two very different experiences in banking institutions this week. First I went to the bank where my account is held to try to sort out internet banking. I had to wash my hands on the way in, but once inside no-one seemed at all concerned about body contact with others - I was pushed, pulled and jostled as I waiting to be seen. When I finally got to the front of the queue I had to ask the lady behind me to back off as she was leaning right over me trapping me against the counter....it wasn't pleasant!!
After this I went to another bank to pick up a Western Union - this place couldn't have been more different. All the staff wore gloves, which is sensible but must get so uncomfortable. The customers were all spaced out and everyone was keeping to their own personal space.

I've had no electricity at home for over a week now, I saw some NPA workers in the area today so hopefully it will be fixed soon. I have a car battery that I use to charge my phones when the power is out, but I used the last of the juice in that three days ago....so I'm writing this camped out at the nearby Hotel 5/10 pinching their electricity.
One of the sponsored girls came to see me because she wasn't feeling well. She had been vomiting, she had a high fever, her body was aching - she thought it was malaria, I was scared in case it was Ebola. I wanted her to go to get tested, but she refused, in the end all I cold do was give her some money for medication. Thankfully she has recovered now......it was malaria after all.
One of our sponsored boys list his Grandmother recently - she had bought him up and he is devastated. We're trying to find somewhere for him to live as there are people ready to move into the place he shared with his Granny. I'm hoping we can find a nice family for him to live with.
The number of  'ebola ambulances' to be heard is increasing, a few go screaming by each day. When the kids are in my office they rush to the door to try to get a glimpse and to see which where they ambulance is going.
I think I mentioned in another post that my British Airways flight was cancelled, BA have cancelled all flights to and from Sierra Leone until next year. They were very helpful in the BA office in town and have transferred me onto a Brussels Airlines flight for the same day that I was due to fly with BA.
I'm worried....
I'm worried about leaving,
I'm worried how my Salone family will cope with the lockdown.
I'm worried that people will think I am abandoning them
I'm worried that once I leave I may not be able to get a flight to come back
I'm worried in case I'm sat next to someone who is sick on the flight
I'm worried that I might get a high temperature and get detained
I'm worried that when I get back to the UK that people will be scared to be near me
I'm worried that I won't be able to act like everything is normal....when for me at the moment it is anything but
To summarise......I'm worried

I'd appreciate your prayers xx


  1. Praying for YOU, all in SL and those making international decisions on how best to deal with this crisis.

  2. Alison you are without doubt in our prayers every day, several times a day, at home, at work andatour house group. Place your worries at the foot of the cross and rest in Him. Brian and Glynis

  3. Being worried is understandable but possibilities take risk and risk takes courage x they know you love them and doors will open to return. The BIG G has got you covered x try to rest in that x if u have any problems when u get bk to the UK (which I very much doubt you will) come stay with me xx anytime x jo xx