Saturday, 13 September 2014

Back To The UK

I reluctantly left Sierra Leone to return to the UK for my niece's wedding,  although because of worries about the ebola virus I won't be going to the wedding after all.

I drove from Freetown to the airport via Port Loko.  I had my temperature checked at 4 checkpoints on the journey. At the airport I had to fill in a questionnaire about Ebola and had my temperature checked before passport control and then again just before boarding the plane.

Ebola Questionnaire
Some of the air crew on the flight wore masks and gloves, as did a few passengers I had been worried about being seated near someone who was ill, but I sat next to a lovely girl who was travelling to attend her grandmother's funeral.

I was expecting to be checked in either Brussels or London (I had to transit through Brussels). I was surprised that when we left the plane in Brussels we went straight into the airport with other passengers. When we got to London I went straight through passport control, got my luggage and checking or information about what to do if anyone gets symptoms at all.

In Sierra Leone they did everything they could to ensure no one sick was allowed to board the plane. In Europe there was nothing at all.

I'm really sad to have left Sierra Leone and the people that I care about there during this crisis. 

As I won't be going to the wedding that I returned for my lovely husband is taking me to Torbay for the weekend. We are planning to do some geocaching while we are there.

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