Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Urgent Request

I spent some time with Dr Koroma from the Adventist Hospital at Waterloo this week. He has been very busy as Waterloo has been quite badly affected by the cholera epidemic. His biggest problem at the moment is lack of drugs due to the increased demand.
Cholera is easily treated, but only if the necessary drugs are available, and of course as always malaria and typhoid are a big problem
They had completely run out of drips, I was able to give enough for them to puchase around 100, but they won't last long.
The items most urgenty needed are:
Chloramphenicol, Dolycyline, Metronidazole, Albendazole, ORS, IV fluids (R/L & N/S) and Ciprofloxacin. (apologies for any spelling mistakes!).
All of the drugs needed can be purchased here.
If anyone feels they are able to make a financial contribution towards these much needed drugs please contact me and I can give details on how to proceed.

(This is the hospital I was admitted to when I had malaraia)

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