Saturday, 8 September 2012

Boima and Bohboh

Good news!! Boima was well enough today to be discharged from hospital! He sent a message to me earlier to say that he's at home and wants us to continue to pray for him. He also said that he's feeling much better, but wants some vimto! I have promised to send him some tomorrow. He was very pleased and grateful when I told him about all the people who have been praying for him (people in UK, Canada, US and even France and Germany if my blog stats are to be believed). It's such a relief to know that he is on the mend, when I saw him yesterday I was shocked by how ill he was.

Boima's little brother Abdul (better known as Bohboh) was much more fortunate than Boima, his illness was picked up on quickly so he received treatment much sooner. He's a little quieter than usual and still a bit off his food, but apart from that he's ok. Here's a picture of him taken when he started to feel better..
Bohboh is a lovely boy but I do wish he wouldn't call me 'Alison Potato' (I have no idea why he calls me that and think I'm better off not knowing!) and more than anything I wish he'd stop telling people that I have a large behind!!
Both of these boys are sponsored through the Mission Direct Sponsorship program and there is a provision in the sponsorship agreement for emergency medical was through this that we were able to pay for Boima's treatment.

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