Friday, 7 September 2012


I went to visit Boima this afternoon. I was quite shocked when I saw him, as I last saw him only two days ago and he was fine then. I almost walked straight past him as I hardly recognised him at first - he looked like an old man lying there.
He's in a clinic that has been setup just to deal with cholera patients. He has had 5 drips today to rehydrate him, and now he is taking oral rehydration salts. He was complaining of stomach pains and cramp in his feet and he was obviously very uncomfortable. The nursing staff wanted him to eat some rice but he was refusing - we were able to convince him to have a few mouthfuls while I was there. He was desperate for a soft drink, but we were told that he wasn't allowed - I've promised to buy him some when he is better!
The clinic was an eye opener, we had to wash our hands and feet in chlorinated water as we arrived and as we left. The first room I went through was full of chairs with holes cut into the seats and buckets underneath. The ward where Boima was (a meeting hall converterted for the purpose) had 40 beds, all with holes cut into the middle with buckets underneath. Visitors aren't normally allowed and we weren't allowed to touch the patients. It broke my heart when Boima held out his hand to me and I wasn't allowed to take it. I have to say it was all very clean and seemed very well organised.
Boima's family have asked me to share the picture below of him that was taken today and they have asked for prayers for him,

A Very Poorly Boima

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  1. Praying a lot x calling blessings and healing down from heaven in Jesus name x