Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Back in Sierra Leone......again

I arrived back in Sierra Leone on Sunday night with Jill - we stayed at the Mahera Beach Hotel in Lungi the night we arrived then got the first ferry over to Kissy on Monday morning.

We went straight to the staff flat to unpack then started work getting ready for the first team who'll be arriving this Sunday.

It was great to see the kids again. Abu has been great although I've not seen much of him yet as he started at a new school in September so he's not around the compound so much.....he does seem to be staying out of trouble though which is definately an improvement!!

Yesterday we visited the Abdulai Hosetta school for special needs children - they were so welcoming and it was lovely to spend a little time with them. We're going to be visiting there with the team next week - the children will be so excited!!

Today we spent some time going around the King George VI home for the elderly chatting to the residents - then I had to head over to town to sort out my internet access and have a meeting with a couple of other charities to make sure that we're not duplicating our efforts.

Tomorrow we are going to Hastings to review the new accomodation block, then popping in to drop off some rice at Mahanaim, followed by a quick 'hello' at St George Foundation....after that we'll head over the mountain road into town to get the remaining shopping needed for the first team and to stock up on first aid supplies. We're also going to call in at City of Rest to introduce Jill and catch up with Heleen - it's going to be a busy day!!

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