Friday, 30 October 2009

Start of a New Campaign

I'm going over to Freetown this coming Sunday to get ready to host the teams for the new campaign, we have a new staff member (Jill) who will be working with me and we are travelling out together. The first team, a group of 13 British volunteers, will arrive a week later.

We're hoping to start work on building a chicken farm at the City of Rest site in Grafton with the first team and we also plan to paint the new accomodation block at Hastings.

We're going to have a very busy first week before the team arrive, among other things we have to visit all the projects, open up (and clean!) the team house, arrange a full program to keep the team busy, have the vehicles serviced, employ in-country staff etc etc etc
.......but before I can do any of that I need to get packed - no-one who knows me well will be at all suprised to find out that I haven't started yet, I'm hoping that Bob will do what he usually does and sweep in tomorrow and sort it all out for me.

I need to get to the shops to stock up on essentials for my trip - jammy dodgers, mini cheddars, chewing gum, pasta shots - you know....all the important stuff!!

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