Saturday, 11 October 2008

News from Sierra Leone

Abu has been ill so we arranged for him to be taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with malaria, typhoid and worms......he was also undernourished. The poor little thing was so poorly, but once he had medication he was soon on the mend. Harder to address was the issue of him not getting fed at home - his aunt agreed that if I provided a sack of rice she'd make sure he got an evening meal. I arranged for a sack of rice to be delivered to her, I just hope and pray that she keeps her side of the bargain.
Abu is completely well now and he went back to school when the new term started on 22nd September. From what I hear it sounds like he's staying out of trouble!
I can't put into words how much I'm looking forward to seeing him next month!!

Sadly on 7th September Bobson Musa passed away. Bobson lived at the United Polio Brothers Association in Kissy with his son Kinnie. Bobson was well known to the Mission Direct volunteers - he made bible cases and wall hangings which he sold to the volunteers and he liked to meet and spend time with the teams.
He was paralysed in a car accident in 2000. I met Bobson on my first visit to Sierra Leone in 2006 and got to know him and his son well during the 4 months I was there earlier this year.
He'll be missed by the MD volunteers and his brothers at UPBA. Bobson has two other children David and Kadi who live with their mother.

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