Friday, 10 October 2008

All Change!

My plans for returning to Sierra Leone later this year changed completely yesterday. Bob and I had been planning to join a Mission Direct team over Christmas then stay on for a while extra when the team went home to explore a bit on our own. Unfortunately due to the cost of the flights over the Christmas period MD have had to cancel the Christmas trip.

There are two short term trips planned for November so MD asked if I'd consider going out there for about a month as one of the in-country staff team. I talked it over with Bob and he said that I should go! This time next month I'll be in Freetown!!

It's just over three weeks until I go, so I have quite a lot to do before now and then - first of all I need ot get my visa application sent off and get some lariam.

I am disappointed that we won't be going at Christmas as I was so looking forward to Bob seeing the projects, meeting everyone and experiencing Sierra Leone first hand, but unfortunately that's the only time he can take time off work. We've decided that we'll go somewhere else over the holiday the moment we're thinking of a walking holiday in Madeira.

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