Friday, 31 October 2008

Almost there

I just have a few things left to do before I leave for Sierra Leone on Monday, but I'm almost ready to go. As I'll be staying at the 5/10 I need to get a kettle so I can start each day in my usual way with a cup of camomile tea - otherwise I might be unbearable for the people there with me!

Last weekend I went to the team orientation day that Mission Direct hold for volunteers who go on short term mission trips. It was a good to be able to meet some of the people that will be coming out on the teams while I'm in Sierra Leone. It was also a chance to have a good chat with Brian, the other member of the MD in country staff team......Brian and I will be based in Freetown hosting the teams of volunteers. My passport was returned to me complete with a shiny new visa and I was also given my flight ticket - it's just about sunk in that I really am going!

I intend to fully make the most of the time I have in Sierra Leone - we only have three days in between hosting teams of volunteers so I won't have much time off, but there are a few people I'd like to look up and spend time with if I get the chance. I especially want to find Ramatu (the girl with epilepsy Maureen and I found lying in the street) - I've thought about Ramatu a lot since I came back to the UK, but so far I've been unable to get any news of her.

If you want to stay in touch with me while I'm away you can email me, I will make an effort to pick up my emails at least once a week. If you want my to call or text me drop me an email and I'll send my SL number to you (I've kept the same number as before). It'd be great to hear from friends while I'm away.

I'd better get to the shops and finish my last minute shopping!

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