Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Worried About Abu

I'm worried about Abu - I worry about him a lot anyway, but this time I have reason......Abu's teacher keeps me up to date on any news on him, and this time the news isn't good.

First of all he's got a wound on his foot - he's always getting cuts and punctures on the soles of his feet as he rarely wears shoes, but for the teacher to mention it to me it must be quite bad. I'm waiting for a email with more details.

The other issue is more upsetting, it seems that Abu's 'aunt' (the lady he lives with) has given his clothes to her daughter......leaving Abu with just underpants and a shirt. I know this sounds far-fetched, but it's not that unusual, Abu gets neglected at home and the needs of his 'sister' are always put before his. I feel so sorry for Abu, he had virtually nothing......and now everything but the shirt on his back has been taken from him.

It's good to know that his teacher is taking care of Abu as best as he can.....treating his bad foot, making sure he eats and looking out for him in general. Being so far away I feel useless - unable to do anything to make things better for Abu.

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