Sunday, 17 August 2008

King George VI Home for the Elderly

King George VI Home for the Elderly in Kissy, East Freetown, Sierra Leone is where the Mission Direct team house is based. When there is a team of Mission Direct volunteers in country most of the meals are taken there. There are currently 44 residents living at the home for the elderly.

There had been no running water at King Georges for over 6 months, so one of our projects was to resolve the water situation and to provide new toilets and showers for the residents. It was hard work, first scraping down the buildings with wire brushes on the outside and cleaning on the inside, then painting the blocks. The buildings were re-tiled inside, the windows were replaced and new toilet seats were made and fitted. As you can see from the photos the end result is a big improvement.


During the time we were there our teams also helped with cleaning the wards Some of the teams of volunteers spent time with the residents at the home reading to them, playing games and doing craftwork. Part of he program for the short term teams is to have a culteral talk so for the smaller teams we arranged for two of the King George men to come along for an evening and talk to the teams about their lives and the history of Sierra Leone, they were great fun.

Here are some of the King George VI residents:

The Glorious Community Primary school is also in the same compound.

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