Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Free Education

The government in Sierra Leone is making great strides to improve education. They have announced free education from primary school through to the end of senior secondary school for students attending state schools

Education sponsorship is a large part of the work of Transform Salone so we are thrilled that many more students will now have access to education.

I'm sure our sponsors are keen to learn how this may effect their sponsorships. Most of our students will not benefit from the free education as they attend community, private or mission schools - so for us and those sponsors things will carry on as usual.

For the few students who we support in state schools we waiting to find out exactly what will be included in the free education and as we learn more we will keep our sponsors updated.
We have been informed that the free education will cover school fees, essential text books and some school supplies - but we are waiting for the schools to open later this month for that to be confirmed. We will contact any sponsors of state school attending students individually. We envisage that the students will still need the sponsorships to cover all other costs associated with their education and we look forward to continuing to support these students.

We appreciate our sponsors so much and the help they are giving the students is invaluable. Please contact us at info@transformsalone.org if you'd like more information about our sponsorship scheme or if you feel you'd like to sponsor a student in Sierra Leone.

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