Sunday, 23 September 2018


IMG-20180921-WA0013There has been a fire at the house of one of our sponsored girls. The father was at work, the mother was taking our student to school and from what I’ve heard the neighbours were watching her three year old brother on the veranda of the house. When people noticed the smoke and started shouting the three year old got scared and ran into the house – he sadly perished in the fire. It’s devastating for them. Just the day before the girl and her Mum visited me so I could see her in her new school uniform – she was so pleased with herself and her Mum was so proud of her, I can’t bear to think of how they are suffering now.

The family have lost all their material possession as well as their precious son.

We would like to practically support the family by helping them to find somewhere to stay and to replace some of their belongings – we are appealing for donations to help them.

If you feel you can help donations can be made via our BT MyDonate page or directly to our bank account. For more information please contact us via our Facebook page.


(photos posted with permission of the family)

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