Saturday, 20 June 2015

Popped Out For Sugar

I was chatting to one of our sponsored boys the other day about his family life, working out who was related to who in which way.......
.....he has a younger 'brother' who is really his nephew.......
I've known the nephew since his Granny (our boy's mother) bought him to me when he was sick as a baby. He was really very poorly and for a while we weren't sure he would make it - I'm happy to say he's as strong as an ox now and in the third year of primary school.
Anyway, I asked about the nephew's mother - I've never met her and I was wondered what had happened to her. It turns out she disappeared when he was sick, around the time I first met him, she said she was going out to buy sugar one day and just never came back - none of the family have seen or heard from her since.
It sounds like an old joke doesn't it? But it's's really sad. Another boy in the family was taunting him one day, saying "I've got a mother, where is yours?", so he went and asked his Granny who his mother was......she told him that she's his mother now.

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