Sunday, 14 June 2015

Little Ami and Her Poorly Leg

Ami is the baby sister of one of our sponsored students - a couple of weeks ago she somehow managed to fall onto a nail and injure her leg. For the past few days the leg has been very swollen so her Mum bought her to see me.
The injury looks quite deep, and it's obviously very painful for also didn't help that she was scared stiff of me and wouldn't really let me get close enough to have a proper look at it, every time I got near her she screamed the place down.
I decided the best thing would be to get her seen by a doctor so I sent her to a local hospital yesterday. The would was cleaned and she was given medication and they have been told to keep it dry - she has to go back later this week for them to take another look.
Please pray for healing for Ami.

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