Friday, 29 May 2015

Boiling Water - 2 Months Later

After 2 Months
The young boy who fell onto a pot of boiling water back in March is back at school!!

Here is a photo of how his back looks now, compare that to how it was before when it first happened and as it was healing:
The day after it happened here: Boiling Water
After 12 days here: Update Boiling Water 
As the Ebola situation has vastly improved in the country his family decided that he should return to school and he resumed schooling about 3 weeks ago, he's in Class 5 of primary school. He goes to a school less than 10 minutes walking distance from my house so I'm able to keep a close eye on him. He often pops up to my compound at break time with his friends to see if there is any lunch or biscuits going.
Thank you everyone who covered him in prayer and positivity.

The Stages of Healing

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