Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Air France to Resume Flights

Air France have announced that they will resume flights in to Sierra Leone from 30th June 2015. They plan to have 3 flights a week operating on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Before Ebola there was a choice of 5 airlines that flew into Sierra Leone from Europe:
Air France
British Airways
Brussels Airlines
Gambia Bird
Royal Air Maroc
BA and Gambia Bird were always my first choice as they flew direct from the UK.
Unfortunately Gambia Bird announced on 30th December 2014 that they were suspending all flights until further notice, so they aren't going to be an option - I do hope they are able to resume operations at some point.
I wish British Airways would resume their flights as I have air miles waiting to be spent with them! Although I've lost my silver status, so I'll not be able to use their lovely lounge at Heathrow anymore.
Air France is the only airline out of those listed above that I've never flown to Sierra Leone with - they were always too expensive.
I'd like to say that I will show loyalty to the airlines that carried on servicing Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis (Brussels Airlines and Royal Air Maroc), and I would if money was no object.....but if another airline comes along offering lower cost flights I would have to go with them.
Hopefully, as other airlines resume their flights, the cost of flights will start to drop - the prices have been very high in recent months.

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