Saturday, 19 July 2014

RIP Ramatu

I have some sad news - Ramatu, the girl we found abandoned in Kissy way back in 2008 passed away earlier this year.
She moved to a new home in September 2013, and did seem to be doing better - but while I was on a break in the UK in April she took a turn for the worse and died.
She had such a sad, sad life.....she was abandoned by her mother because of her epilepsy, then she was diagnosed with sickle cell. Many people were scared of her because of her seizures.
For the past few years she has been unable to walk and her speech was quite slurred so she had difficulty making herself understood.
She had to leave school because she just wasn't well enough to attend.
She loved biscuits and cherryade.......I miss her.....
Rest in perfect peace Ramatu xx
This photo was the last time I saw Ramatu



  1. what an amazing job you have done Alison, your care and love for her has been wonderful. I was very sad to hear this news. God bless Nigel

  2. Such sad news. Alison you have been a blessing to her for so long and I know she holds a special place in your heart. She has been suffering for so long... I hope she has now, finally, found peace. X