Saturday, 19 July 2014

Drama in Aldi

What an eventful trip to Aldi! We stopped off for a few bits on the way home from work and were waiting at the till to be served when there was an almighty commotion.......a shop lifter had tried to leave the store and security stopped him assisted by two other member of staff.....then a customer also stepped in to help and got hold of his feet.

The suspected thief was hollering and swearing and biting the people trying to restrain him. He was being held on the floor and all the doors were locked, so there was nothing else to do but watch and listen. The guy had been caught with two bottles of alcohol on his bag....he begged to be allowed to make a run for it, then said that he was military and that he'd lose his job if he was arrested, then he said that he was going to pass out, then he was going to be sick......I think he tried every trick he could think of, but they weren't going to let him go. It took the police about 20 minutes to get there and they quickly had the thief cuffed and marched off with him. We weren't allowed to leave until he had been arrested.

It was quite scary, but I was impressed with the staff that dealt with it and the customer that assisted......I don't think our thief will be pinching from there again in a hurry

(btw I'm in the UK at the moment)

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