Saturday, 22 May 2010

Baby Mariama

This is Mariama - her Dad bought her to see me last Monday. She was 3 months and two weeks old and her mother had died 5 days before. She was in a bad way so I arranged for her to go to hospital. She was very undernourished and the hospital advised on how best to feed her, but they wouldn't admit her until she was 5 months old (I still don't know the reasons for that).

Later the same day her Dad bought her back to see me and the change in her was amazing - she was much more alert and looked so much better that I was hopeful she'd make a full recovery.

Sadly on Wednesday Mariama died, her Dad had fed her then put her down for a sleep and when she was checked on later she'd died.

I feel so sorry for Mohamed (the Dad). In just one week he's lost his wife and his only child. He came to see me on Friday and is obviously devastated - what could I say to someone who has lost so much?

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